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Miland Hotel Milos



    The luxurious Miland Suites welcomes you to Milos!

    Miland Suites are built on a scenic hill in Korfos, only 2,5 kilometers far from the main port of the island, Adamantas, one of the greatest natural bays in the Mediterranean. Miland Suites, with a view in all the four cardinal points, overlook the Aegean Sea. Here, at a place of 6.5 acres, 8 different suites are waiting for you, made with good taste and affection for your hospitality only, reflecting the Cycladic aesthetics.
    The purpose and philosophy of Miland Suites is to become the ideal choice for guests who are looking for not just a hotel room but for the experience of being accommodated in luxurious, comfortable rooms, along with warm, family-like and traditional Greek hospitality.

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