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Museum Dechkov’s House

Dechkovata kushta

  •  Dechkov’s House in Gabrovo is a cultural monument. Also known as the house of memories.

    The building was built in 1835. On 1 November 1883 it was founded Gabrovo branch of the Bulgarian Red Cross Society.

    Dechkov’s House

    Permanent exposition of the Regional Historical Museum – Gabrovo Urban mode of life from the late 19th to 40th years of twentieth century is located in the only preserved monument of the residential renaissance architecture in the city – Dechkov House. Presented are the changes that occur in urban life after liberation. Here you can see several attractions, including the water-powered grill Su-Kebap for grilling sausages, meatballs and steaks; set of luxury furniture for dining room, presented on crafts exhibition in 1929 in Sofia and purchased by Gabrovian Dr. Simeon Gunchev. Only four such sets are produced by the Czech master Nemetschek and one becomes the property of the future Pope John XXIII. You can also see a unique Salon of Gabrovo fashion.

    Dechkov’s House

    Adress: 8 Opalchenska str.

    Phone: +359 66 806 905.




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